A wealth of experience in the diagnostic sector ensures that 1st Health Products Ltd go the extra mile when selecting new products to our range, we go beyond simply the process of sourcing new tests by assessing the expertise of the manufacturing processes, including CE/IVD and ISO (International Standards Organisation) approval/quality certification of the suppliers we elect to work with.
1st Health Products Ltd is ISO 13485:2003 certified, which means that our processes and systems associated with the quality control and quality assurance of all our products are inspected and audited annually by an independent ISO registrar, failure to meet any of these standards can result in the removal of our ISO certificate.
1st Health Products Ltd is dedicated and focused on identifying and introducing unique screening tests that offer quality, reliability, accuracy and finally ease of use in order to meet our consumers demands by offering genuine value and assistance to those wishing to exercise a degree of control over their health and wellbeing.