Multi-drug screening tests
Multi Drug Test Kits can help detect intake of illegal drugs.
Today, there is a growing concern about physical, as well as emotional, health hazards arising from various forms of substance abuse.  Parents with teenage children in education are more concerned about how to detect drug intake and how to prevent their children from habitual drug use.  SELFCheck Multi drug home screening test can help parents to become aware of any untoward drug abuse before it becomes addictive.
Most multi-drug test kits from leading companies like 1st Health Products are used to check for the presence of illegal/dangerous drugs as part of a well established, ongoing random screening programme in a range of employment sectors, such as public transport, road transport, the oil and gas industries, as well as educational establishments.
Home use drug test kits are non-invasive tests and if you buy tests from reliable companies like 1st Health Products, they are accurate and reliable.  The test requires a simple urine sample and produces a visual result in less than 5 minutes.
Substances detected by drug test kits
All responsible adults get concerned when hazardous drugs like ecstasy and cocaine are increasingly commonly and frequently abused by children and young people.  Substances like Ecstasy (mAMP), Cocaine (COC) are among common drugs that can be detected by SELFCheck multi drug home test kits and include Opiates (including Heroin OPI), barbiturates, Methamphetamines (including Ecstasy (mAMP), Amphetamine (AMP), Cannabis (THC) and Benzodiazepines (BZO).  The SELFCheck multi-drug screening test is based on a urine assay/test.  It is easy to use, detecting six of the most commonly abused drugs and producing a reliable, easy to read result in 5 minutes.  A simple screening test that can be carried out in privacy, ensures confidentiality as well as providing the necessary incentive needed to take further steps in terms of managing personal health and enabling earlier consultation with a healthcare professional to facilitate earlier medical intervention should further action be needed.

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