1st Health Products has researched and reviewed a wide range of available products and have selected only those products that are produced to the highest possible manufacturing standards, and that comply with current CE/IVD directives applied to medical devices in the EU. Our current range includes only those tests which we believe to be the most accurate, whilst also offering ease of use and the best value for money.
There is now a growing range of easy to use screening tests available that make it simple to take an active interest in your own health, and that of your family, in the privacy of your home or with the assistance of your local Pharmacist. Carrying out screening tests in your own home provides a discreet way to monitor your health: all of our tests provide visual results within minutes.
All of our selected tests can be carried out in the privacy of your own home and are designed to detect possible abnormalities before there are any obvious signs or symptoms. We would stress that our products are screening tests, and if you obtain a positive result we recommend that you seek further advice from your GP. However, should you obtain a negative result and your symptoms persist, we would recommend a consultation with your GP.
Early detection and prompt medical intervention/investigation of potentially serious illnesses are more easily treated and produce the best possible outcomes.
Our service doesn't stop with simply selling our products to our customers. We have a telephone Customer Careline offering the user advice and assistance when carrying out the tests, technical advice, such as product information and interpretation of test results, and answers to any questions and concerns.