Blood Glucose (Diabetes)
Type II diabetes is the most common manifestation of diabetes in the UK.  There are thought to be as many as a million undiagnosed type II diabetics in the UK.  If left untreated, suffers may experience vascular/circulation problems resulting in possible lower limb amputations, loss of vision, kidney failure, and strokes.  The most common and significant metabolic disturbance is diabetes mellitus.  People with diabetes have too little insulin and are, therefore, unable to maintain stable glucose levels within the recognised normal range of 4-6mmol/L.  Patients will require insulin (either via injections or orally) as well as dietary changes and excise to aid the long term control and management of insulin levels.
Symptoms of type II diabetes include; fluctuations in weight, poor sleep patterns, loss of appetite, thirstiness, and blurred vision.  Individuals from certain areas of southern Asia also have a high risk of becoming diabetic.
Those at high risk of having diabetes are individuals with a family history of the disease, those aged over 40, overweight with large waist measurement, anyone having 2 or more indicators of higher risk should consider using a SELFCheck Blood glucose screening test.  The test is easy to use, requiring only a finger prick blood sample, producing a visual, easy to interpret result within minutes facilitating a visit to their GP for further investigation and advice if necessary.
The benefit of carrying out a SELFCheck Blood glucose test in privacy ensures confidentiality as well as providing the necessary incentive needed to take further steps in terms of managing personal health and earlier consultation with a healthcare professional to facilitate earlier medical intervention should further action be needed.
The SELFCheck Blood glucose (Diabetes) (2 test) kit is easy to use: it requires a small finger prick blood sample to perform the test and a visual result is available in less than 5 minutes.

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